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Creating To-Do List Templates
To-do list templates are useful for creating to-do lists. You can specify the child tasks and the attributes for each child task either when you create the to-do list template or when you later update the template.
To create a to-do list template
1. Select the To-Do List menu option on the task type bar or from the Actions menu of a task in the task list.
2. Provide a name for the to-do list.
3. Provide the attribute values for the child tasks. If required, you can change the attribute values of the child tasks after creating the to-do list. For information about the attributes, see To-Do List Attributes.
*Click to add a child task.
*Click to remove a child task.
*If you want to remove all the child task definitions in the to-do list, click Clear Entries.
4. Click Save To-Do List Template.
5. Type the unique name for the to-do list template and select whether you want the template to be private or public.
A private to-do list template is available only to the user who created it. Public to-do list templates are available for all users.
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