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Performing an Advanced Alias Search
To perform an advanced search for aliases, use the following procedure.
To perform an advanced search for aliases
1. As system administrator, click Administration Dashboard > Configuration > Alias Management > Advanced.
2. Type the name of the alias you want to find.
3. Modify any or all of the following search criteria:
Search criteria
System aliases
In the Include System Aliases list, choose one of the following:
Includes system aliases in the search
Excludes system aliases from the search
Search for a target resource
For the Alias Target panel, do one of the following:
Move the target resource to the Selected Items box and click Select.
Use Alias
In the Alias Name field, type the alias of the target resource. Click Test to determine if the alias is valid and the alias target is the correct one. If the alias is correct, click Select.
4. Click Go.
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