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Exposing Database Attributes from an External Directory Service
The Database Attributes Provider displays user or group attributes that are exposed from an external database directory service. You can expose selected attributes that are then available for the global wiring feature.
To expose database attributes from an external database directory service
1. As system administrator: Folders > System > Service* > Directory > Principal Attribute Providers >Provider_type.
where Provider_type is User Principal Attribute Providers or Group Principal Attribute Providers.
* You might have to click Next multiple times to find Service displayed in the table.
2. For Database Attributes, click the Tools icon and then click Properties.
You should now be on the Properties of Database Attributes page.
3. Under Attribute Names, click Add.
4. Type the attribute name exactly as it is used in the external database directory service and click OK.
An attribute used here must be returned by the Query Lookup User by ID attribute in the database directory service. See Configuring an External Database Directory Service.
For example, the attribute name for postal code on a particular directory service might be zipcode.
5. Under Attribute Titles, click Add.
6. Type a display name for the attribute for use within My webMethods Server and click OK.
For example, for the zipcode attribute, you might type a display name of Zip Code.
7. If you have multiple database attributes, make sure the order in the Attribute Names and Attribute Titles lists are the same.
The order in which attributes and titles appear in the lists determine the order in which they are displayed in the Database Attributes panel on the Profile page.
8. Click Apply.
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