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Using Attribute Providers
The Core Attributes Attribute Provider
The User Preferences Attribute Provider
The User Profile Attribute Provider
The LDAP Attribute Provider
The Database Attribute Provider
The Notification Attribute Provider
The Dynamic Attribute Provider
The Profile page for a user, group, or role displays the various sets of attributes as well as memberships in groups or roles. Depending on the directory service to which a user or group belongs, you can edit some attributes, or expose them for use in global wiring.
To see an example of the Profile page, as a system administrator, in the standard links, click My Profile. The page displayed is the Profile page for SysAdmin.
To see the Profile page for any user, group, or role, follow this search procedure:
To find the Profile page for a user, group, or role
1. As system administrator: Administration Dashboard > User Management > Manage User_type > Search.
where User_type is Users, Groups, or Roles.
2. Search for the user you want to edit. For more information, see Searching for Existing Users, Groups, or Roles.
3. In the search results, click any link in the row of the user, group, or role, or click the Edit icon .
The Profile page for the user, group, or role is displayed.
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