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Exporting a Skin to Your Computer
If you intend to modify a skin package using the Skin Administration page (Using the Skin Administration Page), you should do so before performing manual editing.
As a system administrator, you can use the Skin Administration page to export a skin package to your computer for manual editing. The skin package is a zip file with a .skin file extension.
Another way to perform manual editing on a skin package is to import the skin into Designer. See Using Designer to Modify Skin Packages.
To export a skin
1. As system administrator: Administration Dashboard > User Interface > Skin Administration > Create New Skin.
2. Click the Tools icon for the skin to be exported and then click Export.
3. Choose the Save File option and click OK.
My webMethods Server downloads the file to the default download destination for your browser.
4. Unzip the skin package so you can perform manual editing.
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