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Using the Skin Administration Page
Deleting a Skin
Replacing Images in a Skin
Replacing Colors Using a Color Picker
Replacing Colors from a Skin or Website
Replacing Fonts Using a Picker
Replacing Fonts from a Web Site
Previewing a Page Elsewhere on the Server
The Skin Administration page of My webMethods Server enables you to create and delete custom skins, and modify the use of images, colors, and fonts. To use the Skin Administration page, you must either have the system administrator grant you permission to access the page, or you must log in as the system administrator.
If you want to do more extensive customization than is available through the Skin Administration page, you may still find it convenient to create the custom skin on this page before making modifications.
My webMethods Server applies any changes that you make to images, colors, or fonts to the skin.properties.xml file that is part of the skin package.
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