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Creating an Alias to a Server Resource on the Alias Management Page
You can create an alias for a server resource on the Alias Management page:
To create an alias to a server resource on the Alias Management page
1. As system administrator, click Administration Dashboard > Configuration > Alias Management.
2. Click Create.
3. In the Alias Name field, type the name for the new alias you want to create (such as Sales).
Do not include spaces in your alias name, or the alias will not function properly.
4. In the Target panel, select a target for the new alias by doing one of the following:
If you want to...
Do this...
Target a server resource
Select the Resource option and then click Browse. Move the resource (folder, item, or portlet) to the Selected Items box and click Select.
To pass parameters or invoke a server command on the resource the alias references, click the Append this string option, and then append the string portion of the alias.
Target an external resource
Select the Path option. In the Path box, type the path to the resource. For example, http://www.softwareag.com.
5. Click Add Alias.
6. Confirm that your alias behaves as expected by browsing to the user-friendly URL for your new alias.
By default, when you create an alias, it is appended to the root URL for your server. For example, if you create an alias called Sales, you can access the new alias by typing the URL http://server:port/Sales.
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