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Events Collector Database Schema
The Events Collector page uses the following database schema.
tblwEvents (main table where events data is being collected)
  idEvent    - Primary key
  idType     - Foreign key to tblwEventTypes. Stores the type
                  of an event.
  idHost     - Foreign key to tblwEventHosts. Stores the host
                  where the event occurs.
  timestamp  - Time stamp of an event, defined as the number of
                  milliseconds since epoch(java.lang.System.
  userID     - Database ID of the user who performed an operation.
  thingID_1  - object_1. For example, for Get type events this is
                  the database ID of the object being viewed.
  thingID_2  - object_2. Used in rare cases where two objects are
                  involved, for example when an object is created.
                  Then object_1 is the database ID of the container,
                  and object_2 is the database ID of an object that
                  was created.
  action     - Used for Login events: 1 - user logged in, 2 - user
                  logged out.
tblwEventHosts (stores mapping between hostID and hostname)
  idHost     - Host id.
  hostname   - Actual host name where the event occurs.
tblwEventTypes (stores mapping between eventID and eventTypeName)
  idType     - Event type ID.
 eventType   - Event type name.
Possible eventType name values:
    - New object is created.
    - Object is being browsed.
    - User logs in/out.
    - Object is updated.
    - Object is deleted.
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