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Collecting Data About Server Events
Deploying the Events Collector Page
Configuring the Events Collector Configuration Page
Events Collector Database Schema
The Events Collector page collects data about events on the server so they can be used by other pages.
When deployed on a server, the Events Collector page captures information about certain types of server events and places them in the server database. The page can capture the following events:
*Login and logout.
*Get events, such as when a user browses a page.
*Operation events, such as when an object is created, updated, moved, or deleted.
For each event, the page collects information on the user associated with the event, the date and time of the event, the host name of the machine, and where possible, information about the operation being performed.
To take advantage of data collected by this page, another page performs a query against the server database, and then displays the results on a page. You can find examples of pages that perform these queries on the Software AG TECHcommunity website at http://techcommunity.softwareag.com. To try one or more of these pages, you need to take the following actions:
1. Deploy the Events Collector page and the sample pages on the server.
2. Configure the Events Collector page.
3. Populate a page with the sample portlets that display server events.
Sample pages include portlet source code so you can import the portlets into Software AG Designer and see how they function. For an example of the database schema used by the Events Collector page for placing data into the server database, see Events Collector Database Schema.
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