Dynamic Apps Platform : webMethods BPM Process Development Help : Process Engine Services : pub.prt.tn:deleteByCID
WmPRT. Deletes a process instance associated with a given conversation ID.
Use this service to delete process state for processes that involve webMethods Trading Networks and for which you have a conversation ID rather than a process ID.
Input Parameters
String Conversation ID for the process instance for which you want to delete process state information.
Output Parameters
String Flag indicating whether the process state was deleted. The following values apply:
*true — The process state was deleted.
*false — The process state was not deleted.
Usage Notes
This service invokes pub.prt.correlate:lookupCorrelation to look up the mapped ProcessInstanceID and invokes pub.prt.admin:deleteProcess to delete the process state information.
Using this service to delete state of a running process will produce unpredictable results.
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