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Working with Annotations
Notes and annotations share some configuration features. For example, a default font style preference applies to both notes and annotations. For more information, see Configuring Colors And Fonts Preferences.
Also, the behavior of annotation link lines is subject to the settings defined for transition lines. For more information, see:
*About Transition Line Shape for annotation line shape information.
*Configuring Custom Transition Line Appearance for information about setting annotation line appearance for individual annotation links or for all annotation links in a process model.
To configure annotations
1. To work with annotations on the process canvas, do the following:
Do this:
Add a new text annotation.
Do one of the following:
*Click  Text on the palette, then click the process editor canvas to place the annotation.
*Hover the cursor over the step you want to annotate to display the speed buttons, click the annotation speed button, and then click the process editor canvas to place the annotation. See “Connect an annotation to a step,” below.
Edit a text annotation.
Click inside the annotation and begin typing to edit the text directly, or select the annotation and edit the Annotation Text property on the General page of the Properties view.
You can also specify the font name, font size, bold, italic, and font color on the General page of the Properties view.
Resize an annotation.
Annotations have no resize handles and cannot be manually resized. However, you can change the text line length by inserting a hard (SHIFT) or soft (SHIFT+ENTER) return in the text to narrow the text box.
Connect an annotation to a step.
Right-click the annotation and click Add Link to connect the link to a process step. You can initially connect the link to any of a step’s four attachment points. For activity steps, you can select the link and then drag the link endpoint to any location around the activity step’s border (this is not possible for event and gateway steps).
You can connect an annotation to two or more steps, and you can create two or more association lines from one anchor point on the annotation.
Move an annotation.
Click and drag the annotation to another location on the canvas and drop it. If the annotation is associated with one or more process nodes, the representative connecting lines reposition automatically.
Delete an annotation.
Right-click the annotation and click Delete.
2. Save the process.
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