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About Transition Line Shape
You can specify the shape of a transition line as straight, curved, or custom. By default, transition lines are created with a straight shape.
The behavior and properties described here for transition lines also apply to annotation link lines. See About Notes and Annotations for more information.
You can specify whether Designer draws curved, straight, or custom transition lines by default. For more information, see Configuring Appearance Preferences. You can also change the line type for an individual transition line or for an entire process. For more information, see Configuring Custom Transition Line Appearance.
The following transition line shapes are available:
*Straight. These transition lines feature horizontal or vertical line segments only, and 90-degree corners for all changes of direction. When selected, these lines also feature movement handles, enabling you to move line segments horizontally and vertically.
*Curved. These transition lines feature no sharp cornets and define a smooth and continuous path between steps. They cannot be re-routed by moving.
*Custom. These transition lines feature straight line segments, divided by inflection points. You can click and drag a point on the line to move the point. When you drop the inflection point, new points are created on the line segments surrounding it, enabling you to create as many segments as you need. This is useful for routing transition lines around other objects on the process editor's canvas.
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