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Working with ARIS Processes in the Solutions View
Using the ARIS right-click menu in the Solutions view, you can re-import or upload an ARIS process, as well as create and upload a process Documentation Report. The Re-Import ARIS Process selection invokes workflow-independent functionality to re-import the ARIS process from CentraSite into Designer. The ARIS Synchronization selection opens a new Synchronize ARIS Process window that displays only the options that are available for your process at its given state in your workflow.
To work with shared ARIS processes in the Solutions view
1. In Designer, if the Solutions view is not visible, open it: Window > Show View >  Solutions. The Solutions view is shown by default in the Process Development and Process Debug perspectives.
2. Right-click an ARIS process model and select one of the options:
*Upload Documentation Report
*Re-Import ARIS Process
*ARIS Synchronization
3. When uploading a process, select the Action you want to take in the Synchronize ARIS Process window:
*Request review for model to request a model review
*Upload for update in ARIS to push your changes to ARIS in response to an Initiate update
*Finish implementation to mark a model as complete
*Delegate implementation to delegate the implementation to someone
4. Optionally, enter a Description and a Message to accompany the selected Action.
5. Click OK to start the upload, or click Cancel to cancel the upload.
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