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ARIS Process Transformation
The first steps of process model sharing are executed in ARIS Architect, where a user creates a process model and transforms it to BPMN. The ARIS user configures the details of the sharing, including what is being shared and who it will be shared with.
On the ARIS server, the administrator configures roles and who is assigned to those roles. When all the details are set and the process model is ready, the ARIS user shares it with IT (Software AG Designer) by clicking Start “Share with IT” governance flow.
This creates an XPDL version of the ARIS process and makes it available for import into Designer. The ARIS server queues a task and sends an email notification to all registered ARIS server users belonging to the WM_PROCESS_DEVELOPER role that the process is ready for implementation.
In Software AG Designer, you have access to the shared ARIS process model and its documentation on the ARIS Model page in the Properties view of the process. You can open the model in ARIS Architect using the ARIS Download Client link, and in browser-based ARIS Connect. You can also view the ARIS Process Documentation.
Your editing permissions in ARIS tools are defined by your license as well as by the state of the model in the “Share with IT” governance flow.
ARIS requires a CentraSite configuration to use Web services in a process model. If a Software AG Designer user adds Web services to an ARIS model that does not use CentraSite, those Web services are not displayed when the model is returned to ARIS. They are, however, retained in the model and displayed in Designer.
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