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Creating a Custom Image Set for Activity Steps
When you specify an ornament for an activity step as described in Assigning Custom Step Ornaments, you can choose from a set of system images available from within Designer. You can also create one or more jar files containing a custom image set and add them to your Designer installation to make them available as ornaments.
To create a custom image set
1. Create or locate the image files you want to include in your custom image set.
You can use images in GIF, SVG, JPG, JPEG, and PNG formats. Designer resizes images to 21 x 21 pixels, if they are not already this size. For best image results, use images that conform to the 21 x 21 pixel size.
The following two steps instruct you to create a jar file containing your custom image files. This is to enable you to organize your image files by tab when they appear in the Custom Image selection dialog box. If you have no need to organize your custom files, you can place them all in a single custom image directory and omit the jar file creation. In this case, you can proceed directly to step 4. The directory name is used as the tab name.
2. Compress the image files into a jar file. Ensure that all image files are at the root level of the jar file. If you want to organize the image files, create multiple jar files, each with an individual set of image files. Each jar file appears as a separate tab in the Custom Image selection dialog box. The name you apply to the jar file is displayed as the tab name. For example, if you create a jar file named “custom_images.jar”, the tab name is also “custom_images.jar.”
3. Place the jar file in the custom image directory (that is, the directory you want to use for custom image files). This can be any directory in your file system.
4. In Designer: Window > Preferences >  Software AG  >  Process Development  > Appearance
5. In the Custom task images area, click the Browse button and select your custom image directory.
6. Click OK.
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