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Assigning Custom Step Ornaments
You can assign custom activity step images known as ornaments to replace the small images Designer displays by default. You can also remove an existing ornament image. You can select from a set of system images Designer provides, or you can use your own images, as described in Creating a Custom Image Set for Activity Steps.
You can assign an ornament to any of the activity step types, with the exception of subprocesses. You cannot assign an ornament to event and gateway steps.
To assign an activity step ornament
1. In the process editor, right-click the activity step.
2. Click Choose Image.
3. Do one of the following:
*If you want to remove an existing ornament, click Restore Defaults.
*If you want to apply a new ornament and have not added any custom images, click one of the images available on the System tab.
*If you have added custom image files to your Designer installation as described in Creating a Custom Image Set for Activity Steps, click the tab for the jar file or directory that contains the custom image files and click one of the available images.
*Click Browse to locate an image in any folder in your file system.
4. Click OK.
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