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Removing Associations from Solutions
A process project contains processes. If you no longer want a process project associated with a solution, you can remove the association.
Process projects can also contain process simulations. The Process Simulation feature must be installed in order to work with process simulations in the Solutions view. See webMethods BPM Process Simulation Help.
To remove a process project association from a solution
1. In Designer, if the Solutions view is not visible, open it: Window > Show View >  Solutions
2. In the Solutions view, under the  Processes (or  Simulations folder, if you have the Process Simulation feature installed), right-click the process project with which you want to remove the association, select  Associate With Solution, then select the name of the solution from which to remove the association.
Designer removes the check mark next to the solution's name in the menu to indicate that the asset is no longer associated with that solution. Additionally, Designer removes the tree structure for the process project from the solution.
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