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Log Inputs and Outputs
In the Process Development perspective and in the Process Debugging perspective, you can select fields from input and output documents for logging. You can also create aliases for the logged fields, which makes locating them in webMethods Monitor easier.
These activities require the Process Developer mode. For more information, see Configuring the Process Development Mode and About Process Development Modes.
Input and output field logging is part of the Process Engine audit logging mechanism. However, these fields are not subject to the Minimum Logging Level setting of the process model, but are specified on the process model’s Logged Fields page in the Properties view at design-time, as described below.
Logged fields can be viewed on the Process Instance Detail page in webMethods Monitor, and can also be used as KPIs in webMethods Optimize.
Before you can select input and output document fields for logging, you must first define step inputs and outputs.
To select a step input or output document field for logging
1. Select a step in the process editor for which you have defined inputs and outputs.
2. On the Logged Fields page in the Properties view, click Expand to expand the Inputs and Outputs trees to display the fields available in the documents.
3. Select the check boxes that correspond to the document fields you want to log.
4. If you want to define an alias for a document field, type an Alias name.
The alias defaults to the name and path of the selected field, but it can be modified to any alias for viewing in webMethods Monitor.
You can create the same alias for more than one field on a step, but this is not recommended, as it will make monitoring the fields at run time difficult.
When you associate an output field with a KPI or a dimension, Designer automatically adds the field to the Logged Fields page in the Properties view. Designer does not, however, automatically remove an output field from the Logged Fields page in the Properties view if you remove it from a KPI or dimension.
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