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Legacy Processes and BPMN
About BPMN Process Steps
With the introduction of Software AG Designer 8.2, the Process Development perspective began a transition to BPMN 2.0 notation and behavior. If you have business process models that were created with an earlier version, you can import those processes (referred to as legacy processes) into Designer 8.2 and later. However, because of the move to BPMN 2.0, some conversion is applied to steps imported from legacy Designer processes into BPMN Designer, as described in the following table:
Legacy Designer Step
Converted to BPMN Step in Designer
Empty step
Abstract task
Error transition from a subprocess
Boundary intermediate error event (non-interrupting)
Error transition from any step other than a subprocess
Boundary intermediate error event (interrupting)
Gateway step
Complex gateway
IS service step
Service task with type set to IS Service
Join timeout transition (with timeout set) at a legacy join step
Join timeout transition
This is true only for a timeout transition defined at a legacy join step. All other timeout transitions are converted into Boundary Timer events.
Publish step
Send task
Receive step - starting receive
Message start event
Available Protocols: Publishable Subscription, JMS
Receive step - intermediate receive (that is, it does not start a process)
Receive task
Available protocols: Publishable Subscription, JMS, Simple Service
Receive step and reply step (Simple Service for synchronous reply protocol on the receive step)
Receive task and send task
Simple Service Protocol
Referenced process step
Call activity with type webMethods process (deprecated)
Reply step
Send task
Rule step
Business rule task with type set to webMethods Business Rule (default)
Subprocess step
Task step
User task
Terminate step
End terminate event
Timeout transition (with timeout set)
Boundary intermediate timer event
The interrupting behavior of boundary timer events is described in About Interrupting Behavior for Boundary Intermediate Events. A boundary intermediate timer event outgoing transition label shows Execution time > xxx .
For more information, see About Boundary Intermediate Timer Events.
Transition of type Step Iterations Exceeded
Labeled conditional transition with no decorator.
Label shows Iterations > xxx .
Transition of type Unsatisfied Join
Labeled conditional transition with no decorator.
Label shows Unsatisfied Join.
Web service step
Service task with type set to Web Service
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