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About Call Activities
Adding Call Activities
Configuring Call Activities
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Basic Call Activity Properties
Advanced Call Activity Properties
A call activity can be used to invoke either a callable process or a referenced process. In addition, these processes can be called statically or dynamically. For more information, see Call Activity Concepts.
Although still available, the ability to invoke a referenced process from a call activity step is deprecated. You are advised to implement all of your steps that invoke another process with a call activity step that invokes a callable process.
The pipeline returned to the call activity step is the pipeline captured when the child process ends. Ensure that you join all paths of execution accordingly to construct the appropriate pipeline.
When you are setting Quality of Service options for a process, be advised that Designer never implements the Express Pipeline setting for a call activity step, regardless of the Express Pipeline option setting. For more information, see Setting Quality of Service for a Process.
A call activity displays a subprocess marker when it is configured to call an existing callable process or referenced process. An unconfigured call activity step does not show a subprocess marker. You can configure a call activity for standard looping.
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