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Importing an ARIS Process (XPDL File)
This procedure describes how to import an ARIS process model in XPDL format directly into Designer. For information about importing a process in a solution file, see Importing an ARIS Solution.
To import an ARIS process
1. In the ARIS Tasks view, click Refresh to update the list. Each ARIS model corresponds to an ARIS task. Click the column name to sort the list by Model or by Task, alphanumerically up or down as shown in the header. Click again to return to the initial (default) unsorted list.
The Action column is not sortable.
2. Click the cell in the Action column in the same row as the task you want to execute to enable the Run button for the specified action. Click Run to execute the task.
3. Complete the Process Import Wizard. See Using the Process Import Wizard for ARIS Imports.
4. The Progress Information dialog box displays the import progress, and prompts you to overwrite existing resources when duplicate file names exist. When the import is complete, click Save to save the import report to a file (*.txt). This action opens the Save As dialog box, where you can specify a file name and location for the report.
5. Click Close to close the Progress Information dialog box. Designer automatically opens all processes (.process files) created from those imported.
If the imported ARIS process contains steps inside pools and swimlanes, the resizing of these steps in Designer may cause them to move to the wrong swimlane. To resolve this and restore steps to their proper swimlanes, simply right-click on the process and select Layout steps in swimlanes. This will adjust the pool and swimlane heights to ensure that the steps are put in the appropriate lanes.
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