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About Importing ARIS Processes as XPDL Files
Avoiding CentraSite Predefined Services for Import/Export
Importing an ARIS Process (XPDL File)
Using the Process Import Wizard for ARIS Imports
Re-Importing an ARIS Process
To import a model in XPDL format from ARIS, Designer connects to an ARIS server, and you must use the credentials on the ARIS Server preferences page. See Configuring ARIS Server Preferences. To import an ARIS model in a solution file, see Importing an ARIS Solution.
When an ARIS user shares a process with you, an ARIS task is created, and the ARIS server sends you an email message to notify you that the task is available. This ARIS task corresponds to the shared ARIS process model; you can import it and work on it in Designer.
You can edit the model in Software AG Designer as you would any process; you can add steps, flows, mapping, adapter services, and anything else available in Designer. You can also generate and upload, debug, simulate, and run the process.
ARIS XPDL imports include the CentraSite web service location in the following format: centrasite://uddi:unique hexadecimal value . This enables Designer to offer a CentraSite option when launching the Web Service Creation Wizard to locate or create web service connectors in webMethods Integration Server.
To ensure the proper exchange of web services between Designer and ARIS, you must use the Process Navigator view to set the Reuse property of each web service connector to Public. Be sure to publish each web service connector to CentraSite before sending the model back to ARIS.
If your database configuration does not use CentraSite, web services are not supported. If a Designer user adds a web service, it is stored in the process model and available in Designer, but not available for display or editing in ARIS Architect.
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