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Recommendations On Changing the Subprocess Type
Two types of subprocess are supported, as described in Subprocess Concepts and About Subprocess Types. The subprocess type is shown on the Implementation page of the subprocess Properties view.
You can change a webMethods subprocess to a BPMN subprocess, and you can change a BPMN subprocess to a webMethods subprocess, as described in Changing the Subprocess Type.
You cannot change the subprocess type for subprocesses that are nested within another subprocess. For more information, see About Subprocess Nesting.
When changing the subprocess type, the following recommendations apply:
*webMethods subprocess to BPMN subprocess (recommended). When you import a process model created with an 8.2.2 or earlier version of Designer Process Development, all subprocesses are imported as webMethods subprocesses, without changes. These subprocesses will build and execute as expected in the later version. However, you are strongly advised to change them to BPMN subprocesses at your earliest convenience, as support for the webMethods subprocess type will be removed in a future release.For more information, see About Changing webMethods Subprocesses to BPMN Subprocesses.
*BPMN subprocess to webMethods subprocess (not recommended). Although the interface enables you to make this change, it is not generally recommended. If you do so, you must remove all BPMN subprocess behavior that is not supported in a webMethods subprocess. The non-compatible features are listed in the Problems view when you change the subprocess type. Refer to About Subprocess Types to determine the differences in the two subprocess types, and how your BPMN subprocess will be affected if you make this change. Support for the webMethods subprocess type will be removed in a future release.
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