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About Subprocesses
About Subprocess Nesting
Adding a Subprocess
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Changing the Subprocess Type
Configuring a Subprocess
Configuring a Subprocess Standard Loop
Removing a Subprocess
Setting the Subprocess Color
Basic Subprocess Properties
Advanced Subprocess Properties
In BPMN 2.0 terminology, a subprocess is referred to as subprocess activity, but in general, this documentation uses the term subprocess to refer to a subprocess activity. For more information about activities, see About Activities. Although earlier webMethods processes are supported, they are deprecated and you are advised to use BPMN subprocesses when you create a new subprocess, and to convert any imported webMethods subprocesses to BPMN subprocesses. For more information, see Subprocess Concepts and About Subprocess Types.
A subprocess is not a self-contained process, and can exist only inside a process model. A subprocess contains of a group of steps, and the subprocess is treated as a step in the parent process. You can also define KPIs for a subprocess. In addition, a subprocess can contain one or more subprocesses. For more information, see About Subprocess Nesting.
A subprocess can be resized, collapsed, and expanded in the process editor. You cannot, however, collapse a subprocess that crosses swimlanes.
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