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How Logged Fields are Packaged in EDA Process Events
When you build and upload a process model that contain documents with logged fields, those fields marked for logging are logged to the audit database as described in Log Inputs and Outputs. In addition, the build and upload process generates an event type for each of these fields, and, if EDA event emission is enabled for the model, values for these fields are included as part of the payload of the EDA process events that are emitted at run time.
These fields are processed as follows:
*If the logged field is part of an IS document that originated as an EDA event type (for example, the event type was dragged into the process), then the process stores a reference to the original event type.
*If the logged field is part of an IS document that was created somewhere in the process pipeline, the build and upload process creates an EDA event type in the local Designer event store corresponding to that entire document (that is, not just the selected fields).
For example:
type : ISDocType
name : <ISProject>/<ISfolder>/<ISDocType>

namespace : http://namespaces.softwareag.com/EDA
path : <ISProject>/Event Types/<ISfolder>/<ISDocTypeName>.xsd
As IS Doc Type : MyProject/OrderMgmt/OrderShipment
As EDA Asset : MyProject/Event Types/OrderMgmt/OrderShipment.xsd
As EDA Event Type ID : {http://namespaces.softwareag.com/EDA
*If the logged field represents the scalar output of a step or underlying service with no document type, then the build and upload process creates a new event type for each step following this naming convention: ProcessA.StepB.Direction.ScalarData fields (for example field1, field2, field3).
For example:
type : logged field names is a process step - Input and Output

namespace : http://namespaces.softwareag.com/EDA/Process
path : <ISProject>/Event Types/Process/<processName>

As Asset : MyProject/Event Types/Process/Finance/OrderMgmt
As Event Type ID : {http://namespaces.softwareag.com/EDA/Process/Finance
At run time, the Process Engine:
*Creates the appropriate EDA event of the associated event type.
*Populates the logged fields into this corresponding event.
*Wraps this event in the ProcessStepInstanceChange event and emits it.
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