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Deleting Solutions
To delete a solution, you must delete it from the Navigator view. However, you can use the Solutions view to identify the files you need to delete.
To delete a solution
1. In Designer, if the Solutions view is not visible, open it: Window >Show View >  Solutions.
2. Right-click the solution you want to delete and select Show Files. Designer opens the Navigator view and highlights the file associated with the solution you selected in the Solutions view.
You cannot delete the  Default Solution.
3. In the Navigator view, right-click the selected folder and select  Delete.
4. In the Confirm Project Delete window, select one of the following:
*Also delete contents under <workspace_name> to remove the solution from your workspace and also delete the files associated with the solution from your file system.
*Do not delete contents to remove the solution from your workspace, but leave the files associated with the solution in your file system.
5. Click Yes in the Confirm Project Delete window.
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