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Defining Dimensions
After you have defined a KPI, you define dimensions to associate with it. In a given process, a dimension can be used only once.
Although you select a KPI when you define a dimension, you can use any dimension with any KPI.
To define a dimension
1. Select a step in the process editor.
2. Click the KPIs page in the Properties view.
3. In the KPIs for <Step Label> section, select a KPI.
4. In the Dimensions section, click Add Dimension.
5. In the Add Dimension window, enter a Dimension Label.
Dimension labels must be unique on a given Optimize server. Designer cannot, at design time, detect all the KPI names and dimension labels on the target server. However, if you duplicate a KPI name or dimension label in a process, generation of the process produces a warning.
6. Click Add Association to browse for an Associated Field for the new dimension.
7. In the Choose Field window, click the output field with which you want to associate the dimension, and then click OK.
When you associate an output field with a KPI or a dimension, Designer automatically adds the field to the Logged Fields page in the Properties view. Designer does not, however, automatically remove an output field from the Logged Fields page in the Properties view if you remove it from a KPI or dimension.
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