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KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are quantifiable measurements that reflect critical success factors of a company, department, or project. In webMethods Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), KPIs are defined by dimensions, measures, and dimension hierarchies. A KPI is related to a dimension hierarchy, which is related to a group of dimensions, which is related to a measure.
For example, a KPI might be comprised of:
*Order Total (measure) per customer (dimension) per region (dimension hierarchy)
A Measure is an integer field or decimal field that contains data such as sales (units sold) and profits. For example, an Order Total is a measure. KPIs compare measures with dimensions.
A Dimension is a string field used to categorize data in order to enable users to answer business questions. Commonly used dimensions are customer, product, promotion, channel, and time.
A Dimension Hierarchy is a group of dimensions that show relationships among different dimensions. For example, a customer (dimension) is part of a region (dimension).
In Designer, you can:
*Define step-level KPIs
*Define dimensions for step-level and process-level KPIs
*Assign dimensions to process-level and step-level KPIs
*Remove dimensions from KPIs
*Delete dimensions
*Upload KPIs when you build and upload a process for execution
*Upload KPIs explicitly (without building and uploading a process for execution)
*Configure preferences for uploading KPIs
*Configure Optimize Server preferences for uploading KPIs
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