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Creating a Transition
To create a transition
1. In Designer, open the process you want to work with.
2. In the process editor, do one of the following:
*Hover the cursor over the step you want the transition to start from. When the speed buttons appear, click the transition speed button .
*Right-click the step or subprocess you want the transition to start from, and then click Add Transition.
*Click Transition in the palette and then click near an attachment point in the step or subprocess you want the transition to start from.
3. Move the cursor to draw a line to the step you want to connect to. Place the cursor over an attachment point on the target step, and when the step or subprocess is highlighted, click to attach the transition.
Each step and subprocess initially has four basic points for attaching a transition line, and you can attach the transition line to any of them. For activity steps, after the first attachment, you can select the source or target end of the transition line and reattach it anywhere on the outside of an activity step or subprocess.
Event steps and gateways steps retain the four attachment points at all times. You cannot attach a transition line to any other point on an event or gateway step.
If the destination is not supported (for example, if it would create an illegal loop) you will not be allowed to make the connection. In this case, start with step 2 again.
To redraw the transition line to take the shortest path between the source and target steps, right-click the transition line and click Reset Connection Path.
You can now configure the transition behavior in the Transitions page in the Properties view of the step, or on the Condition page in the Properties view of the transition, as described in Configuring Transition Behavior.
4. Save the process.
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