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Configuring Transition Behavior
This topic describes how to define the behavior of the transition by defining the transition type and conditions (if available).
If you want to change the appearance of the transition, such as configuring the line color, and the label text font, size, and color, see Configuring Custom Transition Line Appearance.
To configure transition behavior
1. In the process editor, do one of the following:
*Select a step with an output transition, and then select the Transitions page in the Properties view. If the step has multiple transitions, you may need to scroll down to find the transition you want to work with.
*Right-click the transition line, click Show Properties, and then click the Condition page in the Properties view.
Some steps do not support certain transition types. A warning message appears if you select a transition type that is not supported by the step.
2. In the Transition Type list, select the type of transition you want. For more information about the available types, see About Transition Types.
3. Optionally, type descriptive information about the selected condition in the Description field. This text appears in the process canvas depending on the Transition Text setting in the Appearance preferences. For more information, see Configuring Appearance Preferences.
4. Configure the transition as follows:
For additional information about these choices, see About Transition Types.
For this type...
Do this...
No further behavior configuration is possible.
Unsatisfied Join
No further behavior configuration is possible.
If Condition
Click Add to add information that defines the If Condition. You can add multiple condition lines by specifying the AND/OR operator and clicking Add again.
*Field Name. Click this table cell and select an available document field from the list. The If Condition is based on the value of this field.
*Operator. Click this table cell and select an operator to use to compare the Field Name value and the Comparison Value/Field value. See About Expression Operators for more information.
*Comparison Value/Field. Click this table cell and select an available document from the list and select a comparison field in that document, or type a value that you want to compare with the value selected for Field Name.
*AND/OR. Use the AND and OR operators to define the logical behavior if you specify multiple parameters for the condition statement.
Step Iterations Exceeded
Specify the iteration maximum as an integer value.
Join Timeout
You can select this transition type only for steps with AND and COMPLEX joins. Set the join timeout on the Joins page of the step’s Properties view.
5. Save the process.
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