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Creating Process Projects
The very first process project you create in a workspace may not appear in the Solutions view until you refresh the view.
To create a process project
1. In Designer: File >New >  Process Project.
2. In the New Process Project window, type the project name.
3. If you want to create the process project in a different workspace from the one Eclipse is currently using, do the following:
a. Clear the Use default location check box.
b. Click Browse and identify the location where you want to create the new process project.
4. Click Finish.
The new process project is automatically associated with the default solution. You can also create new process projects in the Solutions view. This allows you to specify a solution with which you want the new process project to be associated. See Creating Process Projects in the Solutions View.
You can also create a process project when you create a process. See Creating a Process.
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