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Creating a Process
To create a process
1. In Designer: File > New >  Process.
2. In the New Process window, type the Process Name.
3. Select the Process Project from the list OR click New to create a new process project for your new process.
*If you create a new process project, Designer displays the New Process Project window. Type a Project name and select the workspace in which to save it. For more about creating process projects, see Creating Process Projects.
Process names can contain spaces, but if they contain spaces at the end of the name, Eclipse will warn you that the name is invalid. Although Designer does not enforce this restriction, it is a good practice to avoid trailing spaces in process names.
Do not name your process using the prefix wm, whether in lowercase, uppercase, or a combination thereof. Integration Server names its system packages using those letters as the prefix, and using the same prefix in process names could cause problems later.
4. Click Finish.
You can also create new processes in the Solutions view. See Creating Processes in the Solutions View.
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