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Configuring the Process Tracker Retrieval Interval
To configure the Process Tracker retrieval interval
1. Open this file in a text editor:
Software AG_directory \optimize\analysis\conf\ProcessTracking.xml
2. Locate the following section:
<entry key="modelRefreshInterval" type="Long">
                           <property name="type" value="textfield"/>
                           <property name="size" value="25"/>
                           <property name="hidden" value="true"/>
3. The retrieval interval is defined in the <value> element, with a default of 300000 milliseconds (five minutes). Type a new value in milliseconds, using a value of not less than 30000 (30 seconds).
Specifying a value of less than 30 seconds can cause serious disruption to normal operations of Process Tracker and the Analytic Engine.
4. Save the file.
5. Stop and restart the Analytic Engine to apply the change.
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