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About Process Generation and Stage Status Display
Configuring the Process Tracker Retrieval Interval
Designer enables you to define stages within a process to more closely track progress in specific portions of a running process. For more information, see Stages and Milestones. When you generate a process model that contains stages, Designer writes stage settings in the process model to the Process Audit database.
These stage settings are extracted from the database by webMethods Process Tracker which displays stage status information in webMethods Monitor. Process Tracker retrieves this stage information from the database every five minutes.
Because of this five minute retrieval interval, stage settings for a regenerated process will not be picked up by Process Tracker until the next retrieval. Therefore, if a regenerated process is executed prior to the database retrieval, the stage instance data/status displayed in Monitor will not match the settings in the uploaded model.
As a result, you have the following choices to ensure the correct stage information is displayed in Monitor:
*Wait at least five minutes before you execute a newly regenerated process model that contains stages.
*Wait at least five minutes and then click the Refresh button on the Process Instance Detail page in Monitor.
You can configure the retrieval interval for Process Tracker. For more information, see Configuring the Process Tracker Retrieval Interval.
For more information about viewing stage data in Monitor, see the PDF publication webMethods Monitor User’s Guide.
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