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Configuring a Call Activity Standard Loop
When you loop a call activity, you specify conditions that must be met for it to execute a loop by defining a loop expression. In other words, the call activity looping will continue as long as the loop expression is true.
To configure a standard loop for a call activity
1. In the process editor, open the process you want to work with and click a call activity to select it.
2. On the Loop page in the Properties view of the subprocess, set the following:
Loop Expression
Click Add to add information that defines the loop expression. You can add multiple condition lines by specifying the AND/OR operator and clicking Add again.
*Field Name. Click this table cell and select an available document field from the list. The loop expression is based on the value of this field.
*Operator. Click this table cell and select an operator to use to compare the Field Name value and the Comparison Value/Field value. See About Expression Operators for more information.
*Comparison Value/Field. Click this table cell and select an available document from the list and select a comparison field in that document, or type a value that you want to compare with the value selected for Field Name.
*AND/OR. Use the AND and OR operators to define the logical behavior if you specify multiple parameters for the loop expression.
Test Loop Expression
Select one of the following options to define if the loop expression is evaluated before the step activity begins, or after the step activity completes:
before activity or after activity
Maximum Loop Count
Specify the maximum number of loop iterations:
*Click value and type a static integer value.
*Click field and select an available pipeline field.
The specified number will override the loop expression.
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