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Advanced None Start Event Properties
You must be working in Process Developer mode to configure these properties.
Properties Page
Integration Server Name
Assigned Integration Server Name.
When a callable process contains both a none start event and a message start event that is configured to use an EDA event type, the message start step and the none start step of the child process must be on different Integration Servers (that is, the Integration Server Name property must be different for each of the two steps). Otherwise a validation error occurs during the build and upload procedure.
Receive Protocol
Type of receive protocol to use. Select Subscription (For Publishable Documents), JMS (for JMS Triggered Processes) (default), or EDA (For EDA Event Triggered Processes) from the list.
Protocol Properties
Available for JMS and EDA protocols only.
*Connection Alias. For the JMS protocol, accept the default PE_NONTRASACTIONAL_ALIAS or click Browse to select another alias (an Integration Server connection is required). For more information, see Configuring a JMS-Triggered Process.
For the EDA protocol, accept the default EventBus alias or click Browse to select another alias.
Allow Parallel Execution
Lock the step at run-time to allow it to be executed by multiple threads.
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