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Configuring a JMS-Triggered Process
Setting the Manage Destination Option for a Connection Alias
Designer enables you to configure JMS-specific properties in the Properties view, so that you do not have to manually modify the generated JMS trigger after generation, and so that subsequent generations will not be in conflict with manual modification. Regeneration always uses current values in the process.
You must have an active connection to Integration Server to specify a connection alias and destination name as described in this procedure.
To be able to build and upload a JMS triggered process, you must have Software AG Universal Messaging installed.
To configure a JMS-triggered process
1. On the Implementation page in the Properties view of the receive step, select JMS (For JMS Triggered Processes) as the Receive Protocol.
2. Select the Receive Document.
3. In the Protocol Properties section, do the following:
*Accept the default Connection Alias, or select a different one with the Browse button. The connection alias must exist and be enabled on the Integration Server used by the receive step.
*Click the Browse button to select a Destination Name (required). The Destination Type is displayed when you hover your mouse over a specified Destination Name field.
The destination name for the start none event is a pre-configured internal value and cannot be viewed or modified.
4. Create a Subscription Filter to further limit the instances of the Receive Document that will trigger the receive step.
5. Save the process model.
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