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About Swimlanes
Adding Swimlanes
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Renaming Swimlanes
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Changing Swimlane Colors
Changing Swimlane Label Colors
Removing Swimlanes
Swimlanes are subdivisions of pools. Where a pool typically represents a single process, swimlanes typically serve to further subdivide a process, such as by department. Each swimlane designates an actor, which becomes a property inherited by all steps in the swimlane. A pool can have an unlimited number of swimlanes, which you can organize by color.
A pool initially contains one swimlane, and the Actor property shares the name of the pool (by default, Pool). Additional swimlanes use the Swimlane actor by default. You can edit the actors of all swimlanes in a pool.
You can right-click a pool to move swimlanes up and down in a horizontal pool, or left and right in a vertical pool. Steps within the swimlane move with it.
You can set the default swimlane and swimlane label colors in Window > Preferences > Software AG  >  Process Development  > Appearance > Colors And Fonts. You can right-click a swimlane and then click Choose Swimlane Color to change the swimlane color. You can also right-click a swimlane and then click Choose Swimlane Label Color to change the swimlane label color.
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