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About Process Event Schemas
The Process Engine installation contains an XSD schema file for each of the predefined process events.
*To view these XSD files, you must first import the predefined event types as described in Importing the EDA Predefined Event Type Project.
*You can browse to the schemas in the Designer Project Explorer view by expanding these nodes: PredefinedEventTypes > Event Types > WebM > Process > 2.0.
*You can also access the schema files in your file system at Software AG_directory \common\EventTypeStore\WebM\Process\2.0.
*For detailed information about the elements found in each of the schema files, see EDA Process Event Element Definitions.
Event type schemas are versioned, and future developments may result in later version numbers. Be sure to check the directory location mentioned above for the latest available version. In general, only the latest version is emitted.
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