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Importing the EDA Predefined Event Type Project
Your Software AG installation contains all the predefined event types that have been defined for Software AG products, as well as some sample EDA event types. You can import these event types into Designer as an EDA event type project in your local event type repository.
After you import the project, it appears in the Package Explorer view, available by default on the Designer Events Development perspective. You can open these EDA event types in the event editor to see how they are constructed, and you can use them as templates for other events.
To import the EDA predefined event type package into your local event type repository
1. In Designer: File > Import.
2. In the Import dialog box, click General and then Existing Projects into Workspace. Then click Next.
3. Click Browse and navigate to this directory in your Software AG installation Software AG_directory \common\PredefinedEventTypes.
4. Click OK to accept the directory and place it in the Select root directory field. If the PredefinedEventTypes project is not already selected in the Projects list, select it.
5. Click Finish.
After you import the PredefinedEventTypes project, you can access the events in it from the Project Explorer view, available in the Events Development perspective.
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