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About Milestones
Software AG Designer predefines milestones at the beginning and end of a process model, as well as at the beginning and end of each step in the process. Milestones are represented in the Process Editor as pins, such as you might see on a map. After you create a stage, the milestones for that stage are displayed in the process editor when you select the stage in the Stages tab in the Properties view.
Milestone pins are not displayed for the start of process and end of process milestones.
A start stage milestone pin appears as and an end stage milestone pin appears as . A step beginning milestone pin appears above the step on the left side, and a step completion milestone pin appears above the step on the right side. If a stage starts and ends on the same step (from step started to step completed), both milestone pins are displayed centered above the step, like this: .
You can use a single milestone in multiple stage definitions. All milestone and stage information is saved with the process and stored in the Process Audit database when you build and upload the process model. For more information, see About Process Generation and Stage Status Display and About Synchronizing Process Runtime Settings with webMethods Monitor .
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