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About Importing Models with Subprocesses with Compensating Error Transitions
The 8.0 release of Designer provided the ability to create compensating error transitions, which enabled the process designer to draw an error transition from a webMethods subprocess. This transition featured a Compensating check box on the Properties panel of the webMethods subprocess. When this Compensating check box was selected and an error occurred in the subprocess, the transition passed the pipeline as it existed at the start of the step that failed, enabling corrective (or compensating) action to be applied.
In version 8.2, the compensating error transition was replaced by the BPMN intermediate boundary error event. When you import a process model created with a version of Designer prior to 8.2, any subprocesses that model that have a compensating error transition are converted to a webMethods subprocess with an intermediate boundary error event.
In addition, backward compatibility is provided for these imported compensating error transitions by offering a Restore Starting Pipeline check box for an intermediate boundary error event on a webMethods subprocess. The Restore Starting Pipeline check box provides the same behavior as the Compensating check box in the older version. That is, when this check box is selected, Designer saves the input pipeline upon entering the subprocess. If a subprocess error occurs, the boundary error event passes the contents of the starting pipeline through its transition to a subsequent step.
The Restore Starting Pipeline check box is available only on boundary error events placed on a webMethods subprocess, which is now deprecated. The check box is not available on a BPMN subprocess.
Process models created with version 8.2 and later still provide a Compensating check box on various activity types. However, this check box has no behavior impact on the model, and serves only to apply the BPMN 2.0 icon for a compensating step to the selected activity. This is purely notational.
For more information about the deprecated webMethods subprocess and BPMN subprocesses, see About Subprocesses.
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