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About Building and Uploading a Process
About Building and Uploading with the Command-Line Utility
Building and Uploading Processes with the Command-Line Utility
When you build and upload a process, Designer creates the elements that execute at run time based on the information in your process, such as steps, subscription filters, subscription and transition triggers, and transition conditions. Designer then places these generated run-time elements on the Integration Server and uploads information about the process to the Process Audit Database.
You can build a process and upload it to the Process Audit database for execution only when you are working in Process Developer mode. When you are working in Business Analyst mode, you are limited to uploading a process to the Process Audit Database for analysis only; the process is not built, and it cannot be executed For more information about modes, see About Process Development Modes.
Each step in a process model is associated with a specific logical server (Integration Server Name), defined on the Implementation page in the Properties view. Designer places the run-time elements associated with a step on the physical server that is mapped to the logical server for the step.
Every process step generates a type of flow service called a mapping service. This mapping service is created on the specified Integration Server, using the signature specified in the inputs and outputs. When you build and upload a process, Designer automatically updates the mapping services of all steps to include the current step signatures, and generates mapping services for all steps that do not yet have them defined. See Configuring Build and Upload Preferences and About Inputs and Outputs.
When you build a process, Designer opens the Build Report view. The Build Report view displays the progress of the build, as well as any errors or warnings that may apply, including stack trace lines if you select that preference.
Be sure to keep the following items in mind when you build and upload a process:
*If you change a process-wide property, such as renaming a process or a package, you must regenerate (rebuild) the process.
*In a clustered environment, after a process is built and the package is sent to other servers in the cluster, the servers must be restarted. Alternatively, you can reload the WmPRT package on the servers or run the pub.prt.admin:scanPackage service.
*Before using Deployer, be sure to do a full regeneration of your process.
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