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About EDA Event Types
Working with EDA Event Types in BPMN Message Events
The webMethods product suite provides an Event Driven Architecture (EDA) that enables suite applications to both emit and consume EDA events that occur within the suite run time. An EDA event type is a description of an event, expressed in XML format. The schema of an EDA event type is represented in the form of an XSD file.
The Process Engine is capable of emitting the following EDA events:
*Process-specific predefined EDA event types. You must manually enable each individual process model to emit these events, as described in Enabling and Disabling Predefined EDA Event Emission for a Process Model.
*Custom EDA event types that you develop using the Software AG Designer EDA event type editor in the Events Development perspective. These events are emitted automatically after being added to a process model.
EDA Event Types are converted to IS Doc Types in Integration Server. The Process Engine emits an instance of this IS Doc Type at run time. As with IS Doc Types, EDA Event Types cannot be recursive.
If you want to view a predefined EDA event type, or use it as a template for creating your own EDA event type, you can import all predefined event types into Software AG Designer, as described in Importing the EDA Predefined Event Type Project.
For more information about working with EDA event types in Software AG Designer, see the webMethods Event Processing Help. For more information about how EDA integrates into the webMethods product suite, how to deploy EDA assets, how to create event-enabled applications, and other topics, see the PDF publication Implementing Event-Driven Architecture with webMethods Products.
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