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Social Guidance in Business Console
The social guidance feature in Business Console enables you to:
*View experts for a task type. You can view the list of experts for a task type in the Task Experts panel in What’s Happening Now tab, task detail page, and process detail page.
*Network with task experts and improve task execution. You can email task experts or assign task instances to task experts. For more information, see Networking with Task Experts.
*Endorse users based on their task expertise. When a user is endorsed for a task, the endorsement rating that the user gets is added to all the tags associated with the task of the user. For information about how user endorsements can be done, see Endorsement Methods.
The social endorsement feature in Business Console is governed by the social guidance properties of the Task Engine available in My webMethods Server. See Endorsement Properties in My webMethods Server .
Use the Do Not Show Endorsements option in the Administration page to display or hide endorsements in the task detail pages and the Task Experts panel. For more information, see Configuring User Endorsement Rating.
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