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Endorsement Methods
Business Console identifies and tracks tasks experts of a task type based on the points a user receives for task instances.
User endorsements are possible through any of the following methods only if the task.socialbpm.enabled system property of the Task Engine is set to 1. For information about property setting, see Endorsement Properties in My webMethods Server .
*Automatic user endorsement. Task Engine endorses users automatically when a user completes a task.
Use task.socialbpm.default.systemendorse.enabled and task.socialbpm.endorsement.rating properties to enable automatic user endorsement.
*Manual user endorsement. Other users endorse task experts using the Endorse option in the Summary tab of the task detail page in Business Console.
*Use the task.socialbpm.enabled property to enable user endorsement.
*Use the Maximum User Endorsement Rating parameter in Business Console to define the maximum endorsement rating a user can grant to another user.
For example, if a user gets four stars, and Maximum User Endorsement Rating is set to five, the rating for the user can be calculated as (4/5)*5 (that is, no_of_stars_received/max_endorsement_rating*max_endorsement_rating). See Configuring User Endorsement Rating.
*Customized user endorsement. Users are endorsed by using the web services.
Use the task.socialbpm.customendorse.enabled property to enable the usage of web services for user endorsements. For information about web services, see Using Services for Business Process Guidance.
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