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About Page Development
My webMethods Server enables you to easily create custom pages and have My webMethods Server serve the custom pages as webpages. For more information, see About Custom Folders and Pages.
My webMethods Server also provides a flexible architecture that enables you to customize the My webMethods user interface, as described in the table below.
You can...
For more information, see...
Update the My webMethods navigation panel by:
*Adding selections to the navigation panel
*Removing selections from the navigation panel
*Hiding standard tabs and sections in the navigation panel
*Completely replacing the navigation panel
Update the My webMethods look-and-feel by:
*Replacing the logo image
*Changing the color scheme
*Applying a custom look-and-feel
Build an alternate way to access My webMethods application pages; that is, building a simple front-end page that provides links to only a few My webMethods pages that users require.
Additionally, you can use the techniques listed above to build complete custom applications that run in My webMethods Server.
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