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Task Status
The task status can be set manually by a user, or automatically by the Task Engine as a result of processing rules.
Task statuses:
Task Status
The task is in New status only if the queued task is not scheduled or specified for immediate start. Immediately after a task starts, the status transitions from New to Active.
Task is scheduled to start at the specified date and time. At the scheduled time, the status of the task changes from Scheduled to Active.
The task is running normally and is available for user interaction.
The task is complete. No further work can be done on a task that is completed, other than deleting it.
The task has transitioned to an error condition. No further work can be done on a task that is in Error status, other than deleting it.
The task is canceled. No further work can be done on a task that is canceled, other than deleting it.
The task is suspended. A suspended task can be resumed or placed back into Active status by a manual user action or as the result of a task event evaluation.
The task has expired as a result of a manual action by a user or as a result of a task event evaluation.
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