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Uploading an E-form to a Task
You can upload an e-form to a task from a folder location in your file system.
The e-form you upload must be the exact same type and version as the e-form used to source the information you downloaded in e-form format; also, always be sure to upload the form to the same task you downloaded it from.
For example, if you download an e-form to your file system, modify the data in it, and then upload it back to the task, you must not make any changes to the structure of the e‑form. Doing so will result in errors. Restrict your changes to form data only.
*To upload an e-form to a task
1. In My webMethods: Navigate > Applications > Monitoring > Business > Tasks.
2. Click My Inbox or a task type inbox.
3. Locate and open the e-form-enabled task you want to work with.
You may be required to accept the task before you can complete the following step.
4. On the Data View tab, click Upload.
5. In the Open dialog box, select the e-form you want to upload.
6. Click OK.