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Working with E-form Data in Tasks
Downloading an E-form from a Task
Uploading an E-form to a Task
A task developer can create a task application that uses information obtained from an e‑form to provide some or all of the task's business data. From the task user's point of view (within My webMethods), there is no indication of the fact that this business data was sourced from an e-form, and the task provides the same functionality as any other task running on the Task Engine.
However, the task developer can implement an e-form-enabled task with download and upload capability. This enables you to:
*Download the e-form data in its original e-form format.
*Work with the e-form in your own local environment without having to be connected to the e-form repository.
*Reconnect to the repository and upload the form back to the task that you downloaded it from; your modifications are applied to the task business data.
The default implementation of e-form support for the task interface provides a Download button, and Upload button, and optionally, a download link in the results list of the task type inbox. Your task developer may have customized the e-form portion of the task interface with more or less functionality. This material describes the default implementation.
For additional information about e-forms, see About E-form Integration with Tasks.